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Totally Bound puts LM Brown in the Author Spotlight this week about her new release, Between Heaven and Hell, book one in the Heavenly Sins serial.


What can we expect from Between Heaven and Hell?betweenheavenandhell_800

Lots of hot sex!

Did that grab your attention?  Hopefully it did, so now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little more about this story. Tristan, one of the three heroes of the story is a regular guy with a regular job. Then one Halloween night he meets Machidiel and Alastor and his life changes forever.  Machidiel, known as Mac, is an angel and Alastor is a demon, and they have known – and desired – each other for centuries. When they realise they both feel attraction for Tristan they decide to share him and a ménage is formed. The story isn’t just about the sex though.

Readers will follow Tristan’s journey as he discovers mythological beings are not only real, they walk amongst us, living their lives in much the same way as he does.  Mac’s journey of discovery leads him to question whether he is truly cut out to be an angel or whether becoming involved with a demon is a recipe for disaster. As for Alastor, he has no memory of his mortal life, but he knows he must have ended up in Hell for a reason, and wonders whether he really deserves love, especially from an angel.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a ménage story so it must be page after page of sex scenes. There is a lot of plot to this story and the entire trilogy is filled with plot twists as we follow the three men on their rocky road to their happy ever after.


Where did the idea for the Heavenly Sins serial come from?

Believe it or not, this series initially started out as a short story for an open call for Halloween releases.  It was meant to be a story about an angel and a demon fighting over the same mortal man.  The focus was supposed to be on the mortal’s decision of who to spend his life with.

The three men in question had other ideas and the story ended up getting way too long for the open call, then too long for one book alone. Suddenly I had a serial on my hands and I still don’t know how that happened!


All of the books in your back-list feature non-human characters. What is it that appeals to you about paranormal stories?

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and so it is not a surprise to me at all that most of my stories end up in the paranormal and fantasy genre.  I grew up reading stories like The Magic Faraway Tree, The Wishing Chair and other stories like that.  I read other books as well, but these are the ones that I loved.  When I climbed trees as a kid I wanted to the tree to be the Faraway Tree.  I wanted to travel to other worlds where magic was real and fantastical creatures lived.

As I grew older I continued to love all things paranormal and fantasy and when I started writing my own stories I gravitated to the supernatural once more. I love giving mythological beings my own twist. If I am not busy creating characters with supernatural abilities I am instead writing about other worlds, either futuristic, other planets or just other realms like the world of fairy tales. It’s not that I don’t like contemporary stories, and I do actually have a few contemporaries floating about as well, though none with Totally Bound.  Most are actually out of print at the moment.

I also have plans – very vague plans – for a historical epic set in the seventeenth century, though I suspect it might not end up with Totally Bound since I envisage it being more on the sweet side of romance than the erotic.  I have no doubt that the majority of my stories will always be paranormal or fantasy ones.  The genre has been with me since I was a child and will no doubt be with me for many years to come.


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Does a lot of research go into using mythological and legendary characters?

Probably not as much as you would think.

Firstly, I have read so much about myths and legends over the years that you might say I have a rather unhealthy obsession with them.  A lot of the stuff I include in my stories I don’t need to look up as I know it so well.

Secondly, I like to give my legendary characters some uniqueness amongst all the others out there.  For example, there are hundreds, if not thousands of angel romance novels out there, but how many of them have angels with wings that change colour depending on their mood? I hope it is just mine, though I suspect there might be others out there I simply haven’t come across.

For my stories it isn’t so much researching the types of characters I am writing about, so much as taking the basic idea and giving it my own unique twist. One thing I did research a lot was the names though.  I often like to make sure that the names of my characters are suitable for them.  If anyone ever looks up the meanings of the character names, particularly in my series stories, they will see how much work went into coming up with them.


Between Heaven and Hell is predominantly set in a small English town despite the supernatural characters. Do you enjoy intermingling facets of myth with real life in your stories?

I like my stories to have at least some grounding in reality which is why I like to set them in places that I can relate to myself.  If I set a story in a US city like New York for example it would probably be a bit of a disaster.  I have never lived there, or even travelled there, and don’t feel I could give it the justice it deserves.  If I am setting a story in the present day and on Earth (and they aren’t always) I would rather set them in a place I can relate to.

I like to keep the settings as generic as possible, without naming any real towns, so that anyone reading them can imagine it is their English town or one they have visited that the story is set in.

The Inferno club, where the trilogy begins could be any one of a number of clubs in England and the coastal town could be any seaside location.  When you’re next out on Halloween, I dare you to look at all those costumed people having a night out and wonder if just perhaps there might be a real demon hiding behind those fake-looking horns!


Was it more difficult to guarantee a HEA or HFN for a ménage relationship than with a couple?

Between Heaven and Hell is my second ménage book with Totally Bound.  Ironically, neither of the two ménage books were meant to be threesome stories when I started writing them.

I don’t think it was difficult at all to get my three men happy endings compared to the couples. The men pretty much guided their own stories for me and they were pretty determined that it was going to end up the three of them together at the end.

Probably the toughest bit for me was deciding where to split the Heavenly Sins books since from my point of view it is all very much one long story.



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What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

As well as the rest of the Heavenly Sins trilogy which are being released over the next few months, I also have a novella coming out in December called One Perfect Wish.  This is yet another paranormal about a workaholic who finds himself playing the part of a husband thanks to a wish-granting djinn.

I also have the rest of my Mermen & Magic series in the works.  The second story is almost ready to be submitted to Totally Bound and come hell or high water it will be there by the end of the year at the very latest.  I also have plenty of other stories in the works but they are all on hold until 2015.




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