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Totally Bound puts SA Welsh in the author spotlight this week about Purrfect Protector, book one in the Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. series.


What can we expect from the Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. series?

Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. is made up of hardened predatory shifters from all over the globe that have true horrors in their past. They have suffered, whether in at the hands of their own families, in captivity by black market traders wanting to make money off of them or scientists experimenting on them, fighting to live on the merciless streets of Russia and New York or hiding from hunters seeking their heads as trophies. The men and brothers of Shifter protection Specialists Inc. have become survivors through pain, perseverance and the sheer stubbornness and will to live. They are strong, loyal and incredibly hot, stubborn men that will win your heart even if you want to strangle them sometimes.


This is your first shifter novel with us. What inspired you to delve into this genre?

Paranormal stories are always my favorites and my groaning jam-packed bookcases can attest to that. Not to mention my TBR (to be read) pile! I started with Aleksi and Kale as characters and then they decided they wanted a story with kick-ass shifters, stalkers and danger.




Why did you choose to use a sabre-toothed tiger shifter?

I always knew Aleksi was going to be a feline, his character voice in my mind had that smooth and dangerous quality to it when he would snarl or smirk. I wanted to write about a badass shifter that wasn’t the run of the mill animal. He was too playful to be a lion, too strong to be a leopard or cheetah and a jaguar wasn’t quite intimidating enough for what I wanted. In a moment of clarity an advert for the Ice Age films came on TV and it became obvious what kind of shifter Aleksi needed to be, although Aleksi is much larger and far more terrifying.




Do you enjoy writing about men with animal characteristics?

Hell yeah! I think the animal counterpart truly allows for the characters more primal and perhaps aggressive and protective tendencies to shine. The exploration of a passionate and insatiable appetite for naughty activities is also very fun to play with.


Kale is a famous male-model. Was it interesting writing about the less glamorous side of being famous?

To do Kale justice I needed to show that he isn’t naïve, nor as shallow as he thinks he is and that he is strong and capable of taking on a strong dominant mate like Aleksi. Otherwise he wouldn’t make a suitable mate for the gorgeous feline shifter. The typical model stereotype isn’t flattering so I wanted to explore that in relation to inside and outside that industry through Kale’s experience and Aleksi’s introduction to the inner workings of it. The growing respect Aleksi has for Kale’s hard work, resilience and the strength of character it takes to be successful in that industry was interesting to write and I feel captured the good and bad side of being famous.


How did you get into writing MM romance?purrfectprotector_blogtour_tourdates

Well…I picked up my first two MM romances by accident and devoured them overnight. I had always written down little stories and ideas, but after reading them my fingers began to itch with the need to write something new. It was exciting to research and write something so completely different and once I was finished, more ideas kept coming to me. My go-to Gay Guide (self-appointed title by said friend) loves me asking him weird questions and he and his boyfriend are more than willing to try out some of my ideas and get back to me about success or failure.


Is it important to you as a writer to give your characters a HEA?

Yes, if the story is an exploration or telling of a couple’s (or ménage’s) story and the only book to which these characters will be the central figures then I think that they deserve a happy ending, even if they pop up in other books in a series.


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

Shifter Protection Specialist Inc. series will definitely have more additions. Aleksi’s brothers deserve stories and happy endings of their own.


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