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Totally Bound puts TA Chase in the author spotlight this week about her new release, Borderline, book one in the Delarosa Secrets series.


What can we expect from Borderline? 

Borderline is about two men who have secrets that could change their futures if discovered. Tanner and Mac work in professions where having certain connections can get you in trouble, watched, or even arrested.

You can expect two strong men falling in love while searching for a brutal serial killer. Two brothers who will do anything for each other, even though they can’t be seen together. And an intriguing murder investigation.


TAChase_Borderline_BlogTour_SocialMedia_finalThe Delarosa Secrets series explores the secret life of a drug lord. Did you enjoy writing the first book in this crime series? 

I did enjoy writing Borderline. I got thinking about how did it work if one brother was a drug kingpin and the other worked for law enforcement. Would they be able to be in contact at all? Also, the thought that maybe Victor wasn’t as bad a person as he seemed to be.

It was interesting to see if I could make Victor a guy I’d want to see get a happy ending. I’m hoping readers like him enough to read his story when it comes out.


Tanner and Mac both work in law enforcement. Did you enjoy writing about men in uniform? 

I like writing about men in uniform. There’s the whole mystique of bravery and confidence they carry with them. It has to do with their willingness to throw themselves into danger to save others. But I like to see their vulnerable sides as well, which is why I like to write their characters in romances. They must be caring and open emotionally while falling in love.


Did a lot of research go into writing about the FBI, serial killers etc? 

Yes, I did research both of those. It wasn’t the happiest research I’ve ever done, but there is a lot of information out there about serial killers. I was able to figure out what my killer would do and how he found his prey. The different procedures in profiling a killer were interesting as well.


The majority of your books are contemporary. Are you thinking of branching out into other genres in the future? 

It does seem like I’ve been doing a lot of contemporaries lately, but I have written in other genres as well. I definitely plan on doing more paranormals. I even have an upcoming series with Totally Bound that features vampires.



This series will be looking at the lives of three brothers, do you enjoy exploring family connections and secrets in your stories? 

Sometimes family ties are the hardest to deal with. Whether you choose to accept the bad things your family does or whether you turn your back on them, they are still the only ones you’re tied to by blood. And every family has secrets. Some good and some bad.

The dynamics among families are complex and lend themselves quite well to story telling.


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

Next up will be Snap Decision, the second book of the Delarosa Secrets series. This one features a half-brother that Tanner didn’t know about. This new brother falls in love with a DEA agent while helping him gather information on the drug cartels.


Find out what else TA has to say about this new release by following her blog tour!

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