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Totally Bound speaks exclusively to Pelaam about her new release, Firebird.


Pelaam_Firebird_BlogTour_SocialMedia_403_FinalWhat can we expect from Firebird?

Firebird is science fiction and a little darker than most of my books. On Cassian’s world, a Firebird is a dangerous predator of legend that lives high in the mountains. However, Cassian not only discovers that the Firebird, Arturri, is a castaway from another world, but that the true monsters are far closer to home. 


This book is set in another world, do you enjoy the freedom associated with world-building? 

I do. I enjoy thinking about what a world would be like for the character I envisage. I got my inspiration for Arturri from the description of a feather in a book.Then I thought of Cassian and what his country was like, where it needed to be. Then I came back to Arturri, what his people were like, what his world would be like.


How did you come up with the idea of Firebirds?

 I got the inspiration from a single sentence in an obscure fairy tale about a firebird’s feather. The feather is described as “blazing with orange, red and gold”. But instead of seeing it on a bird, I pictured it on a being. Not just his wings, but down replacing hair as I didn’t see a being that flew would also possess hair.


How do you choose what to name your characters?

That can be a long, slow process. I like to get a feel for my character. I have books of names and I use online sites of names and meaning. I try to select a name that fits them. This sometimes results in me writing the story without having their names. So I use symbols. Occasionally a symbols slips past when I do my final read through before sending it to my editor.


What advice would you offer to aspiring authors? Pelaam_Firebird_BlogTour_BlogDates_Final

Never give up on dreams. I’ve not only had ebooks published , but a short story in an anthology is in print. A couple of my sci-fi stories have made it to the finals of the Rainbow Awards and another of my science fiction books has just been nominated for best sci-fi 2014 with Love Romance Café.

If you want to write. Do it.


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

Totally Bound has such a wide choice for an author. Perhaps a fantasy. I have a plot bunny that’s quite persistent with an idea that’s a little bit different.

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