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Jasmine Hill has released the newest addition to the Totally Five Star imprint, The King of Infierno.

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The King of Infierno is a steamy BDSM story of power and submission set in sizzling Madrid.

Kate Deveaux has released the previous novel in the Totally Five Star imprint, A Vixen in Venice and has kindly provided a peer review. Here it is:


King of Hotness is more like it!


The King of Infierno does not disappoint when it comes to serving up a Totally Five Star BDSM romance set in the enchanting city of Madrid.

Donovan King is the ultimate Dom, but has to carefully control his inextinguishable attraction to the virginal Makayla. Ms. Hill does a remarkable job of drawing the reader into the innocent world of Makayla Carrington—a young woman torn between her attraction to the captivating Mr. King, and her responsibility to her ailing mother who suffers from mental health issues. Luckily for Makayla, she doesn’t have to choose between her mother and the fabulous Mr. King at all. In control at all times, King arranges for extensive care of Makalya’s mother so he can whisk his virgin off to the Totally Five Star Madrid for a proper education at his talented hand.

This is where the real fun begins! Donovan opens Makayla’s world into to the pleasures of sexual love. Makayla is both shocked and intrigued when she discovers that her divine Donovan King is El Rey of Infierno. A BDSM club aptly named ‘Hell’.

Rather than run from this discovery, Makayla is drawn further into his world.

The beautifully written scenes between Donovan King and his novice lover are white-hot and had me eagerly turning the pages for the next phase of her initiation into his secretive world as El Rey.

Makayla and the King’s love for each other knows no bounds as she becomes his perfect sub one delicious night at a time. Toe curlingly erotic, the King and Makayla test the boundaries—until their passions are brought to a screeching halt with a secret from King’s past.

Without spoiling the ending, I can assure you that El Rey, The King, is nothing short of majestic is his pursuit of what he desires. Makyala. Suspenseful and dizzyingly seductive, Hill takes us on a journey from Sydney to the Totally Five Star hotel Madrid that tantalizes our curiosity for the exotic. Hail to the King! Five stars for King of Infierno.